What Does Business Networking Means and Why it Means so Much to BNC?

July 25, 2023

Dose of the day:
What does Business Networking means and why it means so much to BNC?

Business networking is the practice of meeting people to exchange knowledge, develop new professional contacts and form beneficial partnerships.

Benefits :

  1. Improves your personal brand
    Networking makes your personal brand more visible and noticeable
  2. Helps gain valuable industry experience Business networking helps you seek valuable advice from both experts and beginners in your field and stay informed about current trends
  3. Creates long-term personal connections The goal of networking is to build and cultivate professional ties, but work connections may also lead to some of the greatest and longest-lasting friendships just like most of us in bnc
  4. Helps gain access to new customers Business networking allows you to form professional ties with other business owners.
  5. Offers fresh insights and ideas
    Networking entails interacting with a diverse range of individuals from various backgrounds. You can contribute something unique to the conversation.
  6. Improves social skills and self-confidence
    Networking helps in improving your self-esteem and confidence, along with social skills.

How to make it work in BNC?

  1. Attend as many gathering and event from BNC and our partners as this will assist you in promoting new thoughts and approaches, while also providing a venue for our members to network and exchange ideas
  2. When you meet someone, it is helpful to exchange business cards and follow up later to discuss points or subjects that came up in your chat.
  3. You might be able to start trading information, seek knowledge or exchange business connections if they start the conversation first.
  4. The majority of businesspeople are upbeat and hopeful. Regular contact with our bnc members people may be extremely motivating, especially during the challenging early stages of a new company.
  5. You may find that most, if not all, business entrepreneurs have gone through similar challenges. Instead of simply attending BNC’s dinner and events, try to come prepared to contribute something useful to the club.
  6. In many situations, the more people you interact with, the higher are your odds of finding a lucrative opportunity. Talk to as many potential contacts as you can to make numerous connections and build a strong network of indirect and mutual connections. You can later follow up with them to maintain the relationship.
  7. Lastly remember, count our blessings none of us especially our council and committee member are not getting paid in any form and sacrificing a lot of time and effort to create events and manage the club so try to appreciate and also take part, show up and be the solution
    to help up each other to make this club works, grow and be an example to the nation.

Yours faithfully
President & all our hardworking committees in BNC 2022/23